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Pike Systems, Inc. is a commercial & institutional distributor of cleaning chemicals & supplies located in the greater Aurora area (IL). We pride ourselves on our industry leadership with over 20 years of industry experience. Our current facility in Montgomery, IL includes a public showroom, a service department readily available to keep your operation up and running, & a large product warehouse.

We want to help you do more with less. We derive success from our consultative selling approach. We focus on selling solutions rather than pushing product. Our approach requires us to analyze building layouts, staffing levels, and cleaning methods. Based on this information, we are able to identify specific areas of need and provide productivity-enhancing and cost-cutting solutions.


We are committed to growing our distinctive culture and maintaining a focus on our core values which put the client’s interests first.

Our culture reflects much more than a structure or corporate mandate. Instead, it is the values that each member is dedicated to upholding each and every day. This enables us to successfully execute a winning business strategy that results in extraordinary client service and superior long-term support.


Our Core Values

Every janitorial supply company has its own culture that embodies its values. These values are evident in all dealings with clients. Pike Systems was founded with some very definite ideas on how a janitorial supply should operate. We believe that our clients deserve free advice and training regarding the many issues that surround cleaning today. At Pike Systems our reputation is built on providing our clients with the knowledge and advice that they need to operate successfully.

We are entrepreneurs

Pike Systems has an entrepreneurial culture. The freedom given to each member of the Pike Systems team allows us to accurately and efficiently respond to our client’s needs.

We are problem solvers

Our interests are aligned with our clients’ strategic and long-term goals. We take your problems and search for viable solutions.

We are a team

Our clients benefit from the collective wisdom of the firm. No client is served without the assistance of many Pike Systems employees. We believe that functioning as a team brings you the best service possible in the most efficient manner.

We learn by listening

We know that we are only valuable if we are able to assist you. We take time to listen. We take time to understand. We ask for clarification when needed. We believe that listening lays the foundation for a successful long-term relationship.

We provide quality

Value is created in many ways: through quality products, effective training programs, consistent client support, and on-time deliveries and error free-processing.

We are a business partner

We know that you are not looking for more supplies or equipment; you are looking for better results. You are looking for solutions to your problems — solutions, we can provide. As your business partner, we take this relationship very seriously and work to make you successful.

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