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Patient Room Cleaning 101 – Now offered through Pike!

To get the maximum risk management benefit, housekeepers need to understand that each day they’re going into battle and that their role is critically important and necessary. They are performing tasks that “break the chain” of infection and could impact whether or not a patient contracts an HAI during their stay.

What is the Number?

Today’s K through 12 Building & Grounds Managers are continually challenged to do more with less. While addressing the overall budget numbers, school administrations around the state are slashing custodial budgets again. Does this mean dirty schools for the coming year?

Maintenance and Operations Cost Study

Over the last decade, school districts and universities have felt increasing budgetary pressures especially in the area of maintenance and operations. Because custodial expenditures make up such a huge portion of the total maintenance and operations budget, custodial purchases have been the focus of many budget cuts.

Making Your Equipment Work for You

The only thing that separates good service from bad service is the support that comes along with it. At Pike Systems, we look at the overall needs of your facility and match your facility with products that fulfill those needs. We care about the products and equipment that we sell long after the sale is made.

Cleaning for Health

Cleaning for Health is the most effective cleaning process out there. Increased attendance levels, fewer asthma attacks, and fewer outbreaks are just a few of the many benefits that you will recognize through the process of cleaning for health.

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