Welcome to day two of focusing more closely on the specific types of robots we offer from the incredible Intellibot line – be sure to read yesterday’s blog post to find out all about HydroBot – the robotic floor scrubber!  Today, we would like to introduce you to AeroBot – your solution for hands-free, attention-free carpeted floor care cleaning!


The powerful motor inside the AeroBot lifts embedded dirt and debris that other systems miss. With consistent use of the AeroBot, your carpets will look better and last longer.

  • 360-degree sensors allow AeroBot to operate autonomously – just prep.point.and go.
  • Large capacity vacuum bag and dual filters are easily accessible and can work a 4-hour shift without replacement.
  • Communicates with operator and generates detailed reports including login time, end of shift and areas cleaned.
  • No special training is required – The icon-based touchscreen prompts users through all functions, regardless of language or skill level.
  • Side brush assures that carpets are cleaned consistently up to the wall.
  • AeroBot is quiet, generating only 65 dBA during normal operation.


To see a demonstration of the Aerobot, please call Pike Systems at 630.896.6373 or email intellibot@pikesystems.com