Analysis and Management for Bettering Practices for a Cleaner, More Efficient Facility

There are always ways to do something better, be more time-efficient, and spend less money, but finding the time figure out what these procedures are and learning how to evaluate the current procedures in use can be hard.  Pike Systems uses Hillyard Ccap (pronounced ‘cap’), a cloud based custodial management tool to do just that. Ccap analyzes, manages and trains to help facility directors deliver the best results.
Our program can help you answer these questions: 
  • How many people does it take to clean our facility? 
  • How much product should we be using? 
  • How can we improve productivity?
  • How do we manage quality outcomes?
  • How do we lower cleaning costs?


Ccap analyzes facility data (square footage, floor type, fixtures), cleaning staff, supplies and equipment. The program then establishes a baseline cleaning program and optimizes it to deliver better cleaning results within a budget. Ccap includes an extensive database of industry standard cleaning times and procedures.
There are 3 critical tools that the Ccap Program utilizes to successfully operate a high-performing custodial department: 
  • Task Manager – Manage staff workloads
  • QC Manager – Monitor and measure cleaning quality
  • Report Generator – Generate reports at the touch of a button as well as fast access to procedure and department manuals
Ccap assists in training custodians on cleaning processes that are designed to reinforce best practice cleaning techniques that result in improved cleaning quality and greater productivity.
One of the best aspects of the Ccap Program is it’s accessibility – all you need is an internet browser! Access your program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from work stations, mobile devices, tablets or laptops. It is literally better practices right at your fingertips!
Contact us today to learn how your facility can benefit from our program!

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