Hello Everyone!  Howard and I are currently at the Illinois APIC HAI Conference and have been getting amazing feedback on the Sanotracin from Infection Control.  I wanted to share with you some of the comments. IC comments are below as well as general observations.

  • “You will do well (with this product). The timing couldn’t be better” – IC Director
  • “We tried Dispatch and Virasept – the damage to the surfaces wasn’t worth it; the Virasept had too strong of a odor.”
  • “We need this product; How do we order?”
  • We had numerous people SMELL the Sanotracin and received no negative feedback.  Some of the people put their noses right in the bottle.  As soon as you tell them that there is peracetic acid – they know what it smells like.  They currently use peracetic acid now for instrument cleaning.
  • Safe for use on LCD screens was huge!  – They don’t have a product for this right now.
  • We hadlots of inqueries about the wipes – many are looking for a wipe, especially home healthcare.  Wipes are coming in November!!
  • 90% of people hadn’t heard of Sanotracin yet and the newness made this show even more fun.