We at Pike Systems have some VERY exciting news! We now carry Intellibots! – robotic floor care machines that are the wave of the future!


Intellibots run independently and reduce labor. Our robots think and clean on their own.  Press GO, and free your staff to work on other projects as the robots clean autonomously.

What do these robots offer that other floor care machines on the market don’t?

  • 80% Reduction in Labor Costs
  • 85% Less Water & Chemistry
  • Wi-Fi & 3G Enabled Communications
  • Remote Diagnostics & Repairs
  • On-Demand Wireless Reporting
  • Improved Accountability & Performance


With the differing types of floors in mind, we have 3 robots that can meet the needs of any facilities floor cleaning needs.  Read on this week as we focus on each of the different robots offered!


Take a look at this video to see the Intellibot in Action!



By switching to Intellibots, you can ensure that your facility is cleaned safely and consistently- every time! To learn more about how Intellibot can help keep your business cleaner, or to request a demo of these awesome robots, call 630.896.6373 or email intellibot@pikesystems.com