Battery Maintenance – The Optimal Life Cycle

90% of all floor care machines are powered by wet cell battery packs of varying voltage and power ratings.  It’s no wonder that they are one of the top maintenance issues when it comes to floor equipment maintenance.


Proper maintenance of the batteries in your floor equipment can reduce the expense of your floor maintenance activities.  But, how do you know if you are properly maintaining the batteries in your equipment?  Here are a couple suggestions that will help you get the most out of your floor care machine’s wet cell battery pack.


The average battery pack should last two years.  Of course, this depends heavily on the battery size, frequency of usage, and type of application.  Regardless, your objective should be to prolong the life of your battery pack through proper maintenance.


Regardless of the type of machine or the size of the battery pack, battery maintenance is consistent across the board.  Water levels within the wet-cell battery pack are extremely crucial to the life span of the battery pack.  Water levels should be monitored and maintained at the maximum fill-level.  Water levels in the batteries should be replenished after the batteries have been completely charged.  Remember to use distilled water when refilling your batteries.  Tap water contains impurities that will affect the health of your battery pack.  The improper watering of wet-cell battery packs is the most common error in battery maintenance.


In addition to monitoring water levels, check the cables and the top of the battery pack routinely for corrosion and remove it by scrubbing with a hard bristled brush.


The proper charging procedures can also prolong the life of the battery.  Batteries should be charged only after they’ve been sufficiently depleted.  This will actually increase the run-time of your floor equipment.


For more tips on maintaining your floor equipment’s batteries, speak with Kevin in the Service Department by calling 630-896-6373.  We’re here to make your job easier!

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