Bed Bugs – Two dreaded words no one wants to hear

Growing up, we use to chuckle when our parents told us “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” – little did they know that Bed Bugs would become a disgusting infestation and a major problem among even the nicest hotels, apartment complexes and homes today.



Bed bugs are no bigger than a sesame seed, so they can go undetected very easily.  They live in articles of clothing, furniture, and bedding.  You can pick them up when you are staying in a hotel, or even while you are shopping and not even know it! Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, but they do feed on human blood.  Their bites create persistent itching and skin rashes.  If you are anything like us, just reading this information makes us never want to stay in a hotel again! But…now we can help!



Stop Bugging Me! is a green, non-toxic formulation that can be sprayed directly onto beds and lines to safely kill and repel bed bugs.  It is safe to use around the entire family, including pets!  Chemical pesticides, historically the first choice in killing bed bugs, have been linked to illness in occupants and residents.  Because Stop Bugging Me! is non-toxic, there are absolutely no fear of side effects!  Stop Bugging Me! comes in a variety of sizes including a 3oz travel size that is able to be taken through TSA security and gallon sizes for industrial use!  Why take the change of being bitten or of transferring bed bugs to your own home when you could easily solve the problem using Stop Bugging Me!


For more information on Stop Bugging Me! or to purchase the product, please call 630-896-6373 or e-mail


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