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Pandemic Preparedness

A future influenza pandemic in humans is considered a certainty by the scientific community. When it will happen, is entirely uncertain.

It is important to have a contingency plan in place for employees to follow to avoid spreading the disease.

This information toolkit is designed to assist facilities in planning and preparing for the next major outbreak. So far, threats have come in many forms: SARS, MRSA, Influenza A (H1N1), Avian Influenza, the Norovirus, and now, Whooping Cough. What’s next is uncertain.

Pandemic preparedness has two primary components – the active and the reactive. Active pandemic preparedness steps include all the preventative measures that can be taken such as proper disinfection and regular handwashing even when there is no imminent threat. The reactive steps involve all the steps needed if an outbreak occurs. Both are important but the more emphasis that is placed now on preventing outbreaks, the better your organization will fare if an outbreak occurs.

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