Cleaner, Healthier Restrooms in Half the Time

A startling 43% of students avoid the bathrooms while at school.  Not only is this practice unhealthy, but it also hinders the learning process.  The Hillyard C3 XP Restroom Cleaning Machine is the solution to cleaner restrooms.  Often times, the mop and bucket techniques used in restroom care hinder rather than aid in the cleaning process.  Mop buckets often contain contaminated water, which is then smeared across restroom surfaces creating an unsanitary environment.  When the custodial worker leaves the bathroom he has just cleaned, the restroom should be free from soils and contaminants.  Even when a small portion of soil remains, it acts as a breeding ground for other odors and bacteria.  The Hillyard C3 XP Restroom Cleaning Machine reduces the amount of equipment needed to clean the bathroom while saving in labor costs because of the speedy cleaning process.  Custodians are now able to sanitize a bathroom without touching any of the fixtures. Workers simply spray fixtures and floors and then blast the soils to the floor with the high-pressure water spray. Finally, they vacuum the floor dry removing all soils and bacteria.  The Hillyard C3 XP Restroom Cleaning Machine is a dignified way to tackle daily restroom care.  A healthier facility ensures healthier workers, staff, and guests.  For more information, follow this link to a video on the C3 XP Restroom Cleaning Machine:

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