Dirty, unsanitary restrooms are consistently the number one building maintenance complaint – not to mention one of the custodians most dreaded cleaning areas!  Rightfully so, restrooms are bio-hazardous waste transferring stations – germs and disease-causing organisms can flourish in this environment.  These germs and bacteria can be spread beyond just the bathroom as well – it is alarming to find out how much fecal matter is on commonly touched places far from the location of the bathroom.  The reality of this is, you cannot have a clean building without having a clean restroom!



Pike Systems has the answer! The KaiVac No-Touch Cleaning System!  KaiVac’s science-based No-Touch Cleaning Systems are designed from the start to remove the maximum amount of bio-pollution – and you don’t have to touch ANYTHING!  They combine automatic chemical metering and injection,  an indoor pressure washer , and powerful wet vacuum into an integrated system!


Custodians not only clean better using the KaiVac but they also clean faster, cutting labor costs!  According the ISSA, it takes an average of three minutes to clean a restroom fixture.  In many restrooms, No-Touch Cleaning cuts that time to one minute, leaving surfaces sparkling clean in one-third the time.



KaiVac is all around a better way to clean! Request a demo today, by e-mailing cquinn@pikesystems.com or calling 630.896.6373


Have a KaiVac that has been put out of use, but want to re-introduce it to your staff? Let us know! We will come in and make sure it is in running order and give your staff a training demonstration on it!