Foaming Hand Soap – The Key to Staying on Budget

EZHH_usage.lgWith the growing influx of hand hygiene education to prevent germ spread, we have seen an increased use of hand soap. While awareness of proper hand hygiene has resulted in more people washing their hands, it has naturally increased the amount of soap consumption as well as added pressure to the facility manager’s budgets. Hand soap is one of the largest consumables in a restroom budget. 

 Luckily, there is a solution that allows for increased hand washing and reduced budgets! By simply switching liquid soap to foam soap, facilities could see some big savings. Kutol did the match and found that switching to foam soap saves $6 per 1,000 hand washes over liquid soap. Foam soap can double the number of hand washes from on refill as compared to traditional liquid soap saving money in both product and labor. Kutol further tested to find that traditional liquid soap dispensers dispense between 1.0 – 1.5 mL per hand compared to .75 mL with foaming hand soap which results in a 25-50% savings when using foam hand soap.

 Read the full Kutol Report here!

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