Operating Room

Operating Rooms are extremely fast paced environments. They are some of the most important rooms to clean and disinfect thoroughly, but due to scheduling, they are mostly likely the fastest to be cleaned as well. If you are in the healthcare industry, you probably hear daily about the major threat Healthcare Acquired Infections poses on the industry. Hand Hygiene is another major threat to the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections as hand washing protocols remain unfollowed in medical settings.

This April, Infection Control Today released a special report on OR Hand Hygiene. The report focuses on studies executed by L. Silvia Munoz-Price MD and her colleagues, of the Department of Medicine in the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, monitoring the hand hygiene and disinfection that takes place in operating theaters. The results were not good. The report shows how “Evidence exists¬†that ORs may remain contaminated after standard disinfection practices. Approximately 50% of surfaces are not adequately disinfected during between case or terminal cleaning and can harbor pathogenic organisms”

Improper hand hygiene or ineffective OR disinfection are major causes of nasocomial infections. These infections not only cost the hospital significant amounts of money yearly, but also delay wound healing, prolong hospitalization and increase morbidity. Luckily this report found that pathogen numbers decreased following educational interventions. An educated staff is the first step in the fight against Healthcare Acquired Infections.

Get the Full Report here.

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