Pike Systems works with healthcare facilities to systematically reduce and control HAI’s through uniform cleaning procedures, a well-trained professional staff, and a documented routine housekeeping training curriculum.


A solid infection control plan is the ammunition you need to drive patients to your hospital and away from a competitor’s.  Pike Systems specializes in the integration and implementation of a total Infection Control Program that integrates products, tools, and training into a cohesive program.  Many healthcare facilities purchase cleaning supplies and equipment through their GPO and receive little after sale support from vendors.  As a result, training typically falls on the environmental services department whose resources are already strained leaving new hires and existing staff with little or no formal training. 


Environmental Services is the last line of defense on the road to infection prevention.  In order for the housekeeping department to effectively do their part in controlling the spread of HAI’s, each housekeeper must be trained on cleaning procedures and the processes must be followed.  Adaptations to procedures by housekeepers open the hospital and the department up to scrutiny and jeopardize patient health. 


An educational intervention is key in transforming the Environmental Services Department into cleaning professionals tasked with controlling the spread of infection.  An educational intervention builds their knowledge base from the ground up beginning with their role in infection prevention,


Housekeepers need to be prepared to go into combat each day.  Some days they’re fighting MRSA, some days it’s C.Diff.  Either way, they need the knowledge, tools, and support to be successful.  You would never see a school district with no grading rubric or a transportation department without planned routes or schedules or a teaching staff that was never trained or certified.  Why then, would we send a housekeeper who hasn’t been trained, into a patient room to perform the most important processes in the hospital: patient room disinfection. 

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