It was recently brought to my attention that ISSA is working on a cleaning standard for K-12 schools. I’m interested in feedback everyone. The description is listed below:


ISSA is currently working on developing a “standard” and non-prescriptive approach to maintaining K-12 educational facilities in a sanitary and healthful condition that is conducive to the students’ learning experience. The working title of this project is the “Clean Standard: K-12”.


The Clean Standard: K-12 will be premised on the three years of research conducted by ISSA and the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) in major school districts across the country. This research will result in a recommended, uniform, scientific based definition of “clean” from a public health perspective for K-12 schools that is based on ATP meter(s) and is also premised on tens of thousands of individual measurements taken in multiple school facilities across the nation. This definition of “clean” is expected to be the cornerstone of the Clean Standard: K-12.