Kill the C. Diff Virus in 3 Minutes!

In the United States, the Clostridium difficile bacterium or C. difficile is now recognized as one of the most dangerous and fastest growing Healthcare acquired infections in existence, linked to killing 14,000 Americans each year. C. difficile germs move with patients from one health care facility to another, making it easy for the bacterium to spread.  C. Difficile infections can be prevented . . .  and Pike Systems can help thanks to a new product, Sanotracin RTU!


Sanotracin RTU Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaner has a three-minute kill claim against C. Difficile spores at 99.9999% efficacy.  Sanotracin provides maximum effectiveness, but does not use bleach which can damage surfaces and contribute to respiratory issues in patients and staff.  It will also save time and labor costs compared to bleach, which requires the surface to be rinsed.  Sanotracin leaves no film on surfaces!

Use Sanotracin in a spray bottle or in the NEW easy-to-use Sanotex Environmental Wipe System. Be part of the movement to stop the spread of the C. difficile bacterium today!


Purchase the line of Sanotracin products here!

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