Patient Room Cleaning 101 – Now offered through Pike!

To get the maximum risk management benefit, housekeepers need to understand that each day they’re going into battle and that their role is critically important and necessary.  They are performing tasks that “break the chain” of infection and could impact whether or not a patient contracts an HAI during their stay.


There is a strong link between HAI’s (Healthcare Acquired Infections) and surface disinfection.  For this reason, healthcare facilities are placing increased emphasis on proper disinfection.  Quality Control efforts have become more sophisticated and more consistent increasing availability of data and the accountability of the housekeeping department.  Instead of wondering if an area was properly disinfected, hospital personnel can test surfaces to verify cleaning compliance.  This link has elevated the professionalism of the housekeeper while at the same time forcing them to become more sophisticated.  Visual inspection of cleaning compliance is no longer good enough. Housekeeping departments are facing added pressures to perform!


The lack of formal training coupled with high turnover rates, puts the housekeeping department at a disadvange from day one.  In order to better control HAI’s, we need to train and certify housekeepers on key cleaning processes like patient room cleaning and restroom cleaning.  Think of it as an insurance policy where the premium goes down with each added training opportunity.  Except in this instance, the premium is actually a reduction in HAI’s.


Our Patient Room Cleaning 101 program focuses on the proper disinfection of “High-Touch” areas in healthcare and mirrors the recommendations set-forth by the CDC.  To download a full list of the High-Touch areas that require special attention, click here.


As part of Patient Room Cleaning 101, participants are assessed on their mastery of occupied and discharge room cleaning.  Participants are actually observed following the proper cleaning procedures and timed to ensure that they are efficient and effective.  When they return back to you, you can send them into battle with a high level of confidence that they will return victorious in the battle against C.Diff, VRE, MRSA, and other HAI’s.

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