Introducing . . .The new Sonic Scrub Brush from Malish! Pitch your pads and buy this brush as the ultimate solution for all 14″ x 20″ oscillating floor machines including stick, walk behind and scrubber. The Sonic Scrub is guaranteed to outlast any pad. It is not only effective, it is the most effective product of it’s kind.

What makes it so great: 

  • It is cost effective and more efficient – reduces your cost by 85%
  • Works on a wide range of floor types: ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, quarry, and more!
  • Easy installation and removal – A driver block is not required allowing for simple and quick change out times.
  • Longer life expectancy – Outlasts floor pads 20 to 1

The Sonic Scrub is ideal for cleaning deep grout lines or uneven floors with it’s lightweight, deep cleaning rectangular brush. It’s dual filament construction of polypropylene and nylon combine to create a superior scrubbing action. It is able to be used with water and/or cleaning solutions. This brush will become your go to!