ProTips: Caring for Your Wet Mops

wet-floor-sign-mopping3Majority of mops wear out from abuse, not use.  There are a few simple maintenance procedures you can follow that will extend the life and improve efficiency in your mops: 

  • Break in new mop heads by soaking them in a warm, mild detergent for at least twenty minutes. (Pre-laundered mops are ready to use)
  • Avoid scrubbing with the top portion of the mop, this tears strands and shortens the mops life.
  • Avoid strong cleaning solutions (lye, bleach, caustics) that break down strands more quickly.
  • When mopping a rough surface, mop in the direction that minimizes snagging.
  • Cut off any loose strands to prevent snagging and splattering.
  • Rinse and wring out mops after each use.
  • Store mops with the strands hanging down in a warm, dry and well-circulated area.
  • Discard and replace worn out mop heads.

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