Routine Preventative Maintenance for your ProTeam Backpack Vacuum

Just as you maintain your car by getting a regular oil change, frequent preventative maintenance is required to extend the life and performance of your ProTeam Vacuum.


Maintenance of the vacuum filters is vital to the safety of the equipment. A clogged/dirty filter restricts air flow and can result in a reduction of suction and vacuum overheating which would then damage the motor. Your environment will be the determiner of how often you will need to change your filters. Integrate the following tips into the cleaning routines at your facility:

  • Create and record all maintenance in a filter maintenance log
  • Cleaning professionals should check filters before and after use as well as every two hours of continued use to make sure that the filters are providing good air flow. Make sure that the pores of the filter are not clogged after it has been emptied. Always check for rips or tears and replace as needed.
  • Once a week, pull out the dome filter located in the bottom of the vacuum – shake out, rinse, and let dry
  • Every two weeks, inspect the HEPA filters – these filters should be replaced every 6 months or when they become discolored.
  • Once a month, hand or machine wash the Micro Cloth Filters and let air dry – Do Not put in the dryer.
  • The outer body of the vacuum can be cleaned with a wet sponge or cloth as needed.

 In the event that your vacuum does need to be repair, Pike Systems offers repair services and also sells Vacuum Repair parts right on our ecommerce site. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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