620466077c427f141effa294382f5fba_XLTraditionally, people turn to bleach as the ultimate cleaning product. It has such a strong smell, why wouldn’t it’s cleaning ability match, and destroy any and all dirt on a surface? There is a huge misconception in our society that bleach cleans and disinfects. While bleach is able to disinfect and kill bacteria on a surface, it doesn’t posses any cleaning agents to actually clean the surface. In fact, when used as a cleaner, the oxidizing effect of bleach gets tied up in the soils thus reducing it’s killing ability. Bleach also expires quickly, losing 50% of its strength after just 90 days of being packaged.
In addition to lacking cleaning capabilities, with continued use over time, bleach can destroy the surfaces it is used on. Surfaces will fade in color, floor polishes will dull or haze and the bleach will slowly eat away and degrade the surfaces.
There are also dangers associated with the use of bleach. Per OSHA, when using bleach in a workplace, you are required to wear gloves and a mask as the bleach can cause problems with the eyes, skin and respiratory track.
This is why, at Pike Systems, we recommend using Vindicator or Contact 256 to both disinfect and clean surfaces. These have the same capabilities of bleach, with the addition of a cleaning agent, without the harsh smell.  Do you know what your facility uses as a multi-purpose surface cleaner?