The Future of Floor Care: The DuoBot Sweeper/Scrubber

Day 3 and our final Intellibot product to tell you all about! If you haven’t called to see a demo of these amazing robotic machines – pick up your phone now! Call 630.896.6373 or email!


Today, we would like you to meet DuoBot – the sweeper and scrubber for hard surfaces!


The dual counter rotating brushes and large debris hopper allow the DuoBot to thoroughly sweep and scrub in one pass.  This machine is ideal for hospitality, offices, airports, and retail!

Welcome to the Future of Floor Care:

  • 360-degree sensors allow Intellibot to operate autonomously. Just prep, point, and go.
  • Uses up to 85% less water and cleaning solution per eight-hour shirt. Accommodates most eco-friendly solutions.
  • Communicates with operator and generates detailed reports including login time, end of shift and areas cleaned.
  • Service components are easily accessible. Uses standard size industry brushes, pad materials and squeegees.
  • No special training is required. The icon-based touchscreen prompts users through all functions, regardless of language or skill level.

Have your crew work on other jobs that they could not before get to by adding an Intellibot to your staff! Call 630.896.6373 or email!

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