Tips for Keeping Your Wood Floors Looking Great!

In order to maximize your investment and retain a high level of appearance, a well-planned and executed maintenance program must be implemented. Follow the simple maintenance procedures to help keep your floors looking clean and attractive.

  1. Prohibit Street Shoes – they can cause unnecessary wear – even some rubber soled athletic shoes can damage your floor with sand and grit.
  2. Entrances to the gym should include a walk off mat that catches both feet twice – this is the first line of defense in preventative maintenance – the mat will trap dirt and absorb moisture
  3. Dust Mopping = an essential element, it is the least expensive but the most important tool in your gym floor care plan. Dust mop the floor after every two hours of use – note that a treated dust mop should never be used immediately but hung overnight – dust mops used on the floor should be dedicated only to the gym and not used in other areas of your building
  4. Damp mop or auto scrub weekly – this will remove all stubborn soils, spills, perspiration and other foreign matter on the floor that a dust mop does not catch – mop spills as soon as possible to prevent slips and falls

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