Winter weather puts additional pressure on custodial operations by making the task of building maintenance considerably more challenging.  Snow, rain, wind, and even the cold weather can affect the carpeting in your facility.  Unfortunately, winter weather wreaks havoc on just about every area of the facility.  How you react to the added challenges of winter weather, specifically carpet care, will determine how well your facility braves the extreme conditions. 


The first thing that you need to know to prevent cold weather damage to your facility’s carpeting is what causes the damage.  Here’s a list of a few of the perpetrators:

  • Ice melt components such as sand, rock salt, and calcium chloride
  • Tar and asphalt (Ice-melt breaks down asphalt which is then tracked in on our shoes.)
  • Added moisture which causes musty smells and mold

What can you to combat these added winter weather challenges?  First of all, proper entrance matting is a must.  Regular vacuuming will also aid in protecting the carpeted surfaces.  If you extract carpeting in the winter months use a low moisture carpet extractor that aids the carpeting in drying quickly which prevents that musty smells that are common in the winter months.