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Pike Systems, Inc
1770 Commerce Drive
Montgomery, IL

P: 630.896.6373
F: 630.896.7199

We are committed to growing our distinctive culture and maintaining a focus on our core values which put the client’s interests first.

Our culture reflects much more than a structure or corporate mandate. Instead, it is the values that each member is dedicated to upholding each and every day. This enables us to successfully execute a winning business strategy that results in extraordinary client service and superior long-term support.


Every janitorial supply company has its own culture that embodies its values. These values are evident in all dealings with clients. Pike Systems was founded with some very definite ideas on how a janitorial supply should operate.

We believe that our clients deserve free advice and training regarding the many issues that surround cleaning today.

At Pike Systems our reputation is built on providing our clients with the knowledge and advice that they need to operate successfully.

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