Healthcare Facilities

At Pike Systems, we understand the challenges currently facing healthcare facilities and have custom tailored an approach to respond to and address these challenges. It is important to understand that the acquisition cost itself for housekeeping supplies and equipment is a very small part of the total cost.

As a result, our approach is heavily focused on labor deployment, standardized processes, and documented routine training for the housekeeping staff.

 Current Challenges:

  • Pressure to reduce operating costs – cited again this year, for the sixth time in a row, as the top issue confronting hospitals according to ACHE’s annual survey
  • Demands for better cleaning – the healthcare reform bill will soon require hospitals to publish infection rates. In 2012, these infection rates will directly impact healthcare revenue linked to government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. 
  • Freedom to choose – Patients have a choice and medical facilities are forced to compete for their business
  • Patient Expectations – There is a high expectation of cleanliness in the healthcare environment – higher than most other settings

Our focus is centered on providing a clean and safe patient environment along with cutting edge processes and cleaning technology.

Our goals in the healthcare setting include:

  • Justification of the housekeeping budget – How many FTE’s do you need to clean and what should your supply costs be?
  • Maximization of staff productivity both through increases mechanization and streamlined cleaning processes
  • Improved cleanliness levels that are verifiable through scientific testing methods
  • Documentation of a green program with increased emphasis on environmentally friendly cleaning practices that integrate all components of cleaning taking green further than just the product level
  • Prevention of hospital-acquired infections
  • Increased focus on patient care and patient and staff satisfaction levels

A roadmap for Infection Control & Prevention

Most hospitals have implemented some of these infection control measures in their organizations. The difference between relying on each individual component versus a total Infection Control and Prevention Plan often spells the difference between stellar performance and average control. As more infection rates are published, a solid infection control plan can be the ammunition you need to drive patients to your hospital and away from a competitor’s. Pike Systems specializes in the integration and implementation of a total Infection Control Program that delivers results!

Infection control is everyone’s responsibility from the nursing staff to the doctors to the techs and on to the housekeeping staff members.

On the road to infection prevention, housekeeping is actually the last line of defense against the spread of infection. With patient rooms cleaned only once per day, patient rooms can become re-infected as soon as a new person steps foot into the room after cleaning has been completed. For this reason, other infection control measures are equally important in the reduction of MRSA, C-Diff, and other Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s).

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