Industrial Facilities

We realize that clean environments for our industrial clients mean higher productivity, safety, and a showplace for their customers.  Our industrial clients rely on Pike Systems to assist them to this end so they can focus on their products and distribution. They expect their warehouses, production areas, lunchrooms, restrooms, and office areas to be clean and problem free allowing them to focus on what’s really important.

Clean industrial and warehousing floors not only improve safety, but create a showplace that generates feelings of pride amongst employees and customers. Our bio-base “green” solutions coupled with power scrubbers and staff training helps you achieve these goals. We assist with controlling supplies, achieving the cleaning level you want,  and addressing the labor require to do it!

The biggest challenge in all facilities is the restrooms. These are the biggest disease transfer areas in you facility so keeping them sanitary keeps your employees on the job.  Our restroom programs are fast and easy while having one of the lowest costs in the industry.

Managing consumables for your custodial operations is quick and easy through our computerized ordering program. Control budgets, identify over or under usage, and place orders on line.  We give you the tools to assist in the supply process. After your order is placed, most orders are delivered on a Pike Systems’ truck by a driver who knows you and your facility.  In many cases, we can deliver right to your storage area.

Our industrial consultants can assist with finding efficiencies and reducing costs. We normally start with a facility audit and report back to you with recommendations.


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