Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities encounter a whole new set of challenges when it comes to properly maintaining cleanliness levels. The showers, uniforms, various flooring types, and 24/7 nature of the buildings all add to the complexity, not to mention the infection control measures, required in this complex cleaning environment. Pike Systems’ Athletic Program puts the health of the athletes first by systematically designing, implementing, and monitoring the overall program in a way that maximizes health, improves overall appearance levels, and keeps your players in the game!



The Pike Systems Athletic Program helps you answer questions like:

  • How can we keep our athletes healthy on and off the field?
  • How can we protect them from ringworm, H1N1, and other infections?
  • How much will it cost to improve our athletic cleaning program? Can we afford it?
  • Our facility is contract cleaned, what can we do to improve our program if we’re not responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of the facility?

Pike Systems Athletic Program addresses the following areas and disciplines to maximize health and control cleanliness levels at the lowest total cost to your facility:

  • Sports Floor and Surface Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Locker/Shower Room Sanitation
  • Athletic Gear Sanitation
  • Uniform/Towel Laundry
  • Hand & Body Cleaners
  • Facility Audit


The evolution of sports floor coating and maintenance is changing yearly. Pike Systems has partnered with Hillyard a name synonymous with beautiful sports floors. Hillyard sports floor coatings systems meet the most demanding needs of the sports facility. Hillyard coatings are renowned for their durability and have become the choice for major tournament floors and even the Basketball Hall of Fame.



Coating: Selecting a Sports Floor Coating
When determining total cost, price per gallon is just one factor. The value your organization places on the flowing factors will help you determine the total costs:

  • Health and environmental impact
  • Time your floor is out of service
  • Application experience required
  • Time between restoration

Call Pike Systems for a complete athletic floor audit. We can make recommendations to keep your floor surface maintained and provide results you are proud to show.

Routine Maintenance
“The Link between Durability and Appearance.” Our products are very durable and are designed to perform exceptionally well even under the toughest sports floor conditions. Dirt and Sand are the enemies of sports floors – acting like grinders that cut and abrade the finish. Soils also reduce friction on the floor surface and impede the performance of the athlete. Proper daily maintenance will ensure that your floor performs everyday!

Floor Equipment
Pike Systems has a full inventory of equipment to maintain your floors and keep them looking great. Our array of equipment includes the following:

  • Battery operated floor scrubbers
  • Battery operated floor sweepers
  • Coating applicators
  • Surface Prep Machines
  • Sprayers
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