Industries Served

Pike Systems works with many different industries to custom tailor custodial programs. Each industry presents its own unique challenges. Pike Systems’ staff members are knowledgeable in each of these industries and can assist you in facing these challenges head-on. For more information, follow the links below.

Education Facilities

In today’s environment of reduced budgets, limited staffing, and 24/7 facilities, organizations are expected to maintain the same level of cleanliness while their resources continue to decrease. As a result, it is more imperative than ever, for organizations to focus on the true cost of cleaning and building maintenance.

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Healthcare Facilities

We work to help you systematically reduce and control HAI’s through uniform cleaning procedures, a well-trained professional staff, and a documented routine housekeeping training curriculum.

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Industrial Facilities

The cost of doing business is about more than just a supplier’s pricing on goods and services. Pike Systems can help you streamline your procurement process, integrate green supplies, control cleanliness levels, and reduce and monitor your departmental costs.

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Recreational Facilities

Pike Systems’ Athletic Program puts the health of the athletes first by systematically designing, implementing, and monitoring the overall program in a way that maximizes health, improves overall appearance levels, and keeps your players in the game!

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