The Future of Floor Care

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The Future of Floor Care

Pike Systems and Intellibot would like to assist you in embracing change by adopting new technology that will enhance your staffs productivity and cleaning quality. I work as a team player with your custodial and housekeeping staff. They like me because I can do a lot of the redundant floor cleaning. With me on the team, your staff has time to get to those details that are often missed. I am available even if you have a freeze on hiring more staff. See how I can make a difference for you!


Available: Can work 365 days per year – I’ll never take breaks

Dependable: Always on time – In fact, I rest and recharge where I work so that I am always available.

Independent: I support the team by working without supervision, allowing resources to be used elsewhere.

Eco-friendly: I have experience purifying your waters cleaning solutions

Vocal: I communicate effectively with supervisors through e-mail and text message

Trainable:Once I know the plan, I follow it with no new training required

Night Vision Capable: I don’t get offended by being kept in the dark

Evolution of Floor Care:


Available Crew:


Hydrobot: Scrubber – For Hard Surfaces

Engineered for superior scrubbing and sustainability. HydroBot can work autonomously without stopping to drain, refill or recharge.  It’s the perfect floor cleaning option for schools, hospitals, retail stores, and manufacturing.

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AeroBot: True Vacuum – For Carpeted Surfaces

Pulls deep-carpet debris most commercial vacuums miss. AeroBot enhances the look and life of carpets in retail locations, airports, office spaces and convention and hospitality centers.

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DuoBot: Sweeper/Scrubber – For Hard Surfaces

Sweeps debris and scrubs floors in one pass so you complete floor prep and cleaning in half the time. DuoBot is currently in use in education, retail, airports, malls and universities.

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