Pandemic Preparedness

A future influenza pandemic in humans is considered a certainty by the scientific community. When it will happen, is entirely uncertain.


It is important to have a contingency plan in place for employees to follow to avoid spreading the disease.


This information toolkit is designed to assist facilities in planning and preparing for the next major outbreak.  So far, threats have come in many forms: SARS, MRSA, Influenza A (H1N1), Avian Influenza, the Norovirus, and now, Whooping Cough.  What’s next is uncertain.


Pandemic preparedness has two primary components – the active and the reactive. Active pandemic preparedness steps include all the preventative measures that can be taken such as proper disinfection and regular handwashing even when there is no imminent threat. The reactive steps involve all the steps needed if an outbreak occurs. Both are important but the more emphasis that is placed now on preventing outbreaks, the better your organization will fare if an outbreak occurs.

Making Desktop Disinfection a Reality

Pike Systems strongly recommends that facilities make a renewed effort to disinfect desktops on a daily basis.  When working with clients, we set a goal of attaining 100% daily desktop disinfection because this task results in a healthier facility for students, visitors, and staff.  In the school environment, germs are everywhere.  It is no longer enough to spot clean classroom surfaces.  Given the fact that schools receive additional funding based on increases in attendance levels, why not take the time to enforce daily desk disinfection in your facility. We think you’ll see a noticeable difference.


Unsure of how to make desk disinfection a reality?  We’re here to help.  Here are some ways to free-up some time for daily desk disinfection:


  • Utilize high efficiency backpack vacuums such as the Triple-S Speedster 1000.  It takes 18 minutes to vacuum 1,000 square feet with an upright vacuum. By switching to a backpack vacuum, you can clean 1,000 square feet in 8 minutes.  You’ll save 10 minutes per thousand square feet.  To see greater savings, multiply the number of classrooms times the 10 minutes you’ll save, and you’ll be able to justify the purchase of the backpack.
  • Revamp the classroom cleaning procedure to accompany desk disinfection.  Move through the room in a more efficient manner by moving in a circular pattern and minimizing redundant steps.
  • Purchase equipment that will increase the productivity of the custodian by purchasing a desk disinfection kit.
  • Adopt team cleaning to reduce the overall cleaning time for the facility.  By working as a team, custodians can accomplish more in less time because redundant steps are eliminated and specialists have the opportunity to perfect their specific skill set rather than being responsible for all tasks as is the case with zone cleaning.


For more information on making desk disinfection a reality in your facility, call and speak with a Pike Systems Representative.  We have assisted a number of schools with classroom cleaning programs that accompany daily desk disinfection.


Efficient Vacuums Require Proper Maintenance

How many times have you heard complaints that the vacuum isn’t working correctly?  In many facilities, the vacuum cleaners are not working as hard as they could be.  This is a cause for concern because, in some cases, improper vacuum maintenance can cause your vacuuming efforts to be more harmful than helpful.


The number one vacuum killer is the failure to replaced paper filter bags. Sounds too simple to be the number one problem?  Unfortunately, the simple task of replacing the vacuum filter is often forgotten.  This causes the vacuum’s airflow to become restricted and in some cases causes the motor to burn out.  A good rule of thumb-if the filter bag is two-thirds full empty it or replace it.


In addition, keeping the exterior of the vacuum clean can also promote good vacuum maintenance. Once a week, wipe down the inside and outside of the vacuum.  A clean vacuum will receive less abuse for the sole reason that it looks newer than it actually is.


Periodically check the cord and the switch.  Often times, the cord is pulled out of the wall using the lasso method rather than by the unplugging it at the outlet which can cause frying. Always remind employees of the importance of pulling the cord out of the socket by the plug.


It is important to be aware of the vacuum height settings. Most people like to set the vacuum as close to the floor as possible.  This is not a good idea because it reduces the airflow of the vacuum.


For more tips on routine vacuum maintenance, please contact Kevin in the Service Department>


Service Made Easy

Everyone knows that when you buy a car you expect that there will be maintenance that will have to be completed along the way, but it sure is a pain when the brakes go out or that oil change light keeps flashing every time you get into the vehicle.  Fortunately, cars have been equipped to alert us when there’s a problem that needs attention.  Custodial operations equipment is an entirely different animal.  Sure, it has an hour meter and the owner’s manual contains information on routine maintenance but we lead busy lives.  We don’t stop to think about routine maintenance until it’s too late.  If it still runs, it must be doing the job.  Let’s face it; the worst part about purchasing any piece of capital equipment is that it needs attention.


That’s what Pike Systems, Inc. is here for.  We’re here to help you maintain your custodial equipment so that you no longer experience downtime.  Our factory certified technicians can complete on-site repairs and maintenance or we can bring the machine back to our facility and fix it here.  We stock a large variety of parts, and service just about every type of custodial operations equipment out there.  For a full listing, please call Pike Systems, Inc. and speak with Kevin, our Service Manager.  You won’t be disappointed that you made the call and you may end up saving your facility a significant amount of money due to the fact that your equipment has received the gift of a longer life cycle.  If you are not convinced we can help you, let us do a risk-free analysis of the equipment you have on hand and find out what Pike Systems, Inc. can do for you!