Logistics Technology for Multi-Location Users

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives.  While things have been changing all around us at a rapid pace, technology in the cleaning industry has been lagging.  That said, the availability of cleaning industry technology and its integration into the cleaning operation is becoming more and more critical as budgets are shrinking.  Here are just a few productivity enhancing applications available through Pike    Systems and our Arsenal Flex SMS™ program.  All of these applications support zero-based budgeting helping you answer the question, “How much does it really cost to clean my building?”


Easy Online Ordering—Pike Systems’ Customer Self Service Module allows clients to place orders online, view order history, view order status, and track invoices.


Multi-Location Budget Management Tools—Pike Systems’ Corporate Account Manager is designed for multi-location organizations and provides summarized data with drill-down capabilities allowing you to see as much as little data as you’d like.  Compare usage from location to location.  Set individual budgets by location. Set order maximums by product and total dollars per order to remain in control of your budget.


Also offered are Quality Control Programs, Workloading Programs, and more!




State of Missouri Changes Green Bill Passed in 2008

The State of Missouri, one of the first states to pass a Green Cleaning School Act, is now working to make changes to the bill.  The bill originally recommended that K-12 schools adopt green cleaning products and equipment.  Now, the state is working to make these recommendations mandatory.  Is this a possibility for Illinois as well?   Pike Systems welcomes any thoughts on this.


6 Ways To Reduce Costs

As budget preparations are well underway for the new fiscal year, budget cuts are still a hot topic. If you’re charged with reducing your budget, know that there are only 6 ways to reduce costs. If you keep this in mind, it will help streamline this daunting task.


1. Decrease Expenses

2. Cut Benefits

3. Cut Salaries

4. Cut Staff

5. Decrease the quality of services

6. Increase Productivity – do more in less time.


The only positive way to reduce costs is to do more in less time. See our mechanization and productivity page for more information or give us a call. We’re more than happy to provide a productivity audit of your facility.

New Arsenal Flex SMS Dillution Management System Now Available


Your budget is shrinking making it harder and harder to provide a healthy learning environment. Each year, you’re forced to do more with less…less funding, fewer people, outdated tools, etc. While product costs have high visibility, lowest total cost solutions lie in managing the labor spend. We can help you do both!




Traditional dilution management systems pigeonhole you into a one size fits all model.  The Arsenal Flex SMS gives you options.  Stop stocking a two year supply of glass cleaner because you have to order it by the case and start spending money on what you really need and can use within your fiscal year.  Supply costs will continue to rise.  You have the power rise above by better managing your inventory.




The Arsenal Flex SMS offers all your routine cleaning chemicals in a close-looped chemical dispensing solution for your high volume, high use chemicals like floor detergent and a premeasured pouch solution for everything else reducing your inventory holding costs by as much as 50%.   In addition, if you are using restroom cleaning machines such as the Kaivac, chemical expenditures can be greatly reduced through the Arsenal Flex SMS system as well.  For more information, contact Pike Systems for an analysis of your current supply program to find out how you can minimize your inventory and maximize your cash flow!






Pike Systems’ Park District Open House a Success!

Last Thursday, April 12th, Pike Systems hosted it second annual Park District Open House.  Many area park districts were in attendance and benefited from the wealth of information shared at the event as well as the delicious pork chops from Miller’s Old Fashioned Butcher Shop in Plainfield.  Here are just some of the ways attendees benefited from the event:

  • Biobased cleaning demonstrations that featured the greenest products available
  • Ideal Fit Can Liners that combat budget constraints and provide the performance you need
  • Controlled usage and commodity towel and tissue programs that help you stretch your budget even further
  • Floor coatings for wood, synthetic, vinyl, marmoleum, and more
  • Foam soap, sunscreen, ivy block, and waterless hand cleaner for all your skin care needs district-wide
  • Cleaning equipment demonstrations that can help you harness your labor
  • Tools of the trade that make your job easier and faster

Please join us next year at our next Open House!