Innovatively Simple: Affinity Skin Care System

This is a product our customers love, so we have to share with you (plus there is a really great video)! The Affinity Skin Care System provides a reliable, robust dispenser that delivers liquid, foam, or gel.


Benefits to your facility:

  • More pumps than other dispensers maximizes budget dollars (3,125 pumps compared to the average 1,563-1,785)
  • Dispenser valve provides maintenance free delivery – sealed, hygienic refills eliminate cross contamination (fully FDA compliant)
  • Sustainably engineered: space-saving dispenser design utilizes 25% less plastic by weight than other 1,250 mL dispensers without compromising reliability or durability
  • Available from us! Pike Systems, a local supplier looking to help you reach your maintenance goals while staying within your budget!

Benefits to your guests:

  • Thick, rich foam or gel formulas enriched with moisturizers and natural conditioners
  • Efficient pump system delivers the right amount of product minimizing waste
  • Pleasant and refreshing scent for all-over hair and body clean



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Alero Air Solutions: Better smelling bathrooms with minimal effort!

One of the first things people notice when they enter a restroom is the odor – this creates an instant and lasting impression of the cleanliness of the establishment in their minds.  How do you guarantee a great impression based on fragrance?…with the ALERO Air Care Solutions program from Triple S!  This effective air freshening system is an essential measure in generating a positive image.  The stylish and unique Triple S line of fragrances varies from mild to strong fragrance to meet varying needs.  All of the fragrances are based on high quality fragrance oils ensuring a consistent air freshening effect of the highest quality.



But how do you select an Air Care Program that is right for your restroom?

  • How big is your restroom? Passive systems work great in private/single restrooms with just one toilet and sink, whereas, larger restrooms need the full powered ALERO Metered Dispenser
  • What is the traffic flow like? Is everyone rushing to the restroom when a meeting lets out or an event ends?  Or, do you have a consistent traffic flow throughout the day? This determines how the dispenser should be programmed, the number of dispensers need, and where they should be placed in the restroom.
  • Are you trying to combat transient odors or just provide a fresh, appealing scent?  The fragrance intensity chart offers the full spectrum of odor control.  White Linen is the lightest and Twilight Breeze is the strongest.

Here are our two favorites ALERO Dispensers:

ALERO 3000/9000 Metered Dispenser:

The ALERO 3000/9000 Metered Dispenser automatically delivers small bursts of fragrance at specific intervals for a consistent air freshening affect.  It features a large LCD screen that is easy to read and contains a countdown timer to alert the caretaker to the next spray.  This dispenser allows the user the flexibility to select the spray frequency.

ALERO PT Passive Technology Dispenser:

The ALERO PT Passive Technology Air care dispenser is a non aerosol consistent air freshening solution.  It provides up to 60 days of continuous fragrance and is small enough for use in any facility.  Optional fan component also available for this model!


Here are some Tips and Tricks on how to make the most of your Air Care Program!

  • Rotate your scents. The longer a scent is in place, the less we notice it.  By rotating the scent, you insure that patrons acknowledge the pleasant scent which positively impacts their impression of your restroom.
  • Place metered aerosol dispensers near the door.  For larger restrooms, you may also need one on the back wall.
  • Mark your calendar and change out your metered aerosol cans on the same day every month.  Usually the first day of the month or the last day of the month work the best and insure that everything functions correctly!

Introducing the New Stand-On Scrubber from Advance!

Stand-up to increase performance and productivity!

The SC1500 stand-on scrubber provides a flexible, extremely maneuverable and compact solution for small to medium-sized areas.  Plus, with its high-capacity tank, you can cover more surface faster while maximizing your bottom line!


SC1500 Stand-on Scrubber Features:

  • Large recovery tank opening, complete draining and smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Front fill port allows easy, flexible tank filling
  • Front polyurethane tire for outstanding traction and high durability
  • Wrap-around squeegee ensures 100% water pick-up and dry floors
  • Quiet mode for daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise-sensitive areas
  • Safety dead-man switch and GO pedal provides flexible cleaning performance
  • Rear fill port allows easy, flexible tank filling
  • Low foot platform height for easy on/off
  • Rear polyurethane tires for outstanding traction and high durability

What is REV Technology?

The SC1500 employs REV technology, a patent pending Dual Random Orbital Scrubbing technology, which scrubs deeper and more uniformly to leave a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks while using far less water and chemicals.  The SC1500 can provide up to 109 minutes of scrub time without refilling!


What does the Eco-flex system do?

Clean green and still meet the highest expectations for clean floors with the standard onboard EcoFlex System.  The EcoFlex System controls the consumption of detergent so effectively that real savings can be gained without compromising performance.  With the switch of a button, you can go between weak and strong cleaning.  There is also a temporary “burst of power” button for contained dirty areas.



Bed Bugs – Two dreaded words no one wants to hear

Growing up, we use to chuckle when our parents told us “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” – little did they know that Bed Bugs would become a disgusting infestation and a major problem among even the nicest hotels, apartment complexes and homes today.



Bed bugs are no bigger than a sesame seed, so they can go undetected very easily.  They live in articles of clothing, furniture, and bedding.  You can pick them up when you are staying in a hotel, or even while you are shopping and not even know it! Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, but they do feed on human blood.  Their bites create persistent itching and skin rashes.  If you are anything like us, just reading this information makes us never want to stay in a hotel again! But…now we can help!



Stop Bugging Me! is a green, non-toxic formulation that can be sprayed directly onto beds and lines to safely kill and repel bed bugs.  It is safe to use around the entire family, including pets!  Chemical pesticides, historically the first choice in killing bed bugs, have been linked to illness in occupants and residents.  Because Stop Bugging Me! is non-toxic, there are absolutely no fear of side effects!  Stop Bugging Me! comes in a variety of sizes including a 3oz travel size that is able to be taken through TSA security and gallon sizes for industrial use!  Why take the change of being bitten or of transferring bed bugs to your own home when you could easily solve the problem using Stop Bugging Me!


For more information on Stop Bugging Me! or to purchase the product, please call 630-896-6373 or e-mail