The Popularity of Wipes

Ten years ago, the only type of wipe you would be able to find in any market would be baby wipes.  Today, wipes are virtually in every market segment ranging from skin care to professional cleaning.


Why use wipes? A study published by the Cleveland, OH based market research firm The Fredonia Group cites the following reasons for the growing popularity of wipes:


  • Ease of Use: Users can use wipes right out of the box
  • Less Product: Often, you only need one wiper when cleaning a surface versus cleaning with a cloth or paper towel
  • Portability: Wipes are compact and light weight making them easy to transport
  • Reduced Risk of Cross Contamination: Use once, then throw away


If we take a closer look at professional cleaning wipes, you can find some amazing options to help keep your work environment clean.  Here are some great wipe options from Pike Systems:

  • SSS Sanotex Environmental Surface Wipers: Sanotex Environmental Surface Wiping System eliminates more than 99.9999% of C. difficile in 3 minutes! Sanotex Wipers are an effective easy to use and economical alternative to the spray bottle or cloth and open bucket disinfecting cleaning system.  Sanotex wipers come dry and when combined with the disinfecting solution can help you reduce risk and help to simplify the process – saving time and money while bringing greater control to your cleaning program. Sanotex Wipes are available for purchase online here.
  • SSS Graffiti Wipes: SSS Graffiti Remover Wipes are a unique one step cleaning system combining both a high-quality graffiti remover formula and a highly absorbent, abrasive, non-scratching towel. The formulation will penetrate, loosen, break down and dissolve spray paint and graffiti, allowing the towel to absorb and hold residue without redepositing dissolved contaminants back onto surface being cleaned.
  • SSS Cleaning Disinfectant Wipes: SSS Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes are intended for use in hospitals and healthcare settings: Clinics, Doctor’s office(s), Physician’s office(s), schools, health clubs, gyms, athletic facilities, airports, transportation terminals, grocery stores, etc.

Order your wipes from Pike Systems today by calling 630.896.6373.

Read the full article on the pro’s and con’s of wipes in ISSA today here.



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Bacteria in Schools – Which Surfaces are the Dirtiest??

Schools across the United States pose health risks to students and staff due to the lack of standardized approach in assessing the effectiveness of their cleaning regime. Majority of people judge the cleanliness of facilities by sight, smell and even touch. However, most custodians and maintenance teams are great at removing the dirt, but the germs are still there.


Dr. Charles Gerba (in partnership with the Clorox Company) found that when testing school surfaces for cleanliness, failing marks go to desks, pencil sharpeners, cafeteria tables, and water fountains. Desks being the #1 dirtiest place in a school.  Its not hard to believe how easily germs spread in schools.  Children touch their mouth, eyes, or nose an average of 80 times per hour compared to the 16 times per hour adults touch their face (which honestly still seems high).


We at Pike Systems propose not cleaning more to prevent the spread of germs, but cleaning better! It is amazing how many germs you can remove from a desktop when you use a squeegee as opposed to a rag.



Here are our top 5 tips for cleaning your schools better:

  1. Implement a hands-free bathroom cleaning system (like KaiVac)
  2. Use a backpack vacuum on hard floors (we recommend ProTeam)
  3. Replace rags and mops with microfibers (Buy them here)
  4. Daily desk top disinfection (target the dirtiest place in schools, and go at it with a vengeance!)
  5. Quality control checks – make sure you and your team are cleaning the right way!


The video below is a great look into 21st Century hygiene, how it has changed compared to 100 years ago and recommendations for infection prevention! (Plus we love Charles Gerba – he is a germ genius!)


Don’t Get Caught Dirty Handed! – Why Hand Washing is so Important

Infectious diseases, many of which are spread by unclean hands, are the leading cause of death and disease worldwide, and the 3rd cause of death in the United States according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  You carry millions of microbes on your hands – most of which are harmless – but you can pick up some that cause illness such as flu, colds, and diarrhea.


The solution is a simple one – wash your hands with soap and clean water for 20 seconds.  When we forget to wash our hands, or don’t wash them properly, we spread germs to other people, or give them to ourselves.  Think about how many different items you touch a day, and how many people have touched those items also.


A study done in 2010 by the American Society for Microbiology and the American Cleaning Institute found that 85% of adults wash their hands in public restrooms.  That number is up from the first time they did the study in 2008.  That is more than a little disturbing…..but Chicagoans, we have a little bit of bragging rights – our fair city tied for first place for most hands washed in public restrooms at a whopping 89%- with he best venue being the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (93%).  Let’s work on getting that number up to 100%.


Need a reminder on how to wash? – Check out this awesome choreographed video below (you will find yourself breaking out these great dance moves in the bathroom)



What we recommend? Use any of our amazing products from STOKO Skin Care, and when you can’t get to a sink, substitute with an Anti-bacterial hand gel like Purell – also available through Pike Systems!