A better way to monitor hand hygiene

In the United States, there are 1.7 Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) per year that end up resulting in 100,000 deaths.  These cost hospitals up to $30 billion annually. Pike Systems now has a solution that can help you reduce HAI’s up to 60%!


Hyginex is a comprehensive, easy-to-use hand hygiene monitoring solution that helps staff maintain proper hand hygiene protocols, saves hospitals money and keeps patients safe. The benefits are endless!



How it works:

  1. Each staff member wears a wristband
  2. Wristbands are then recognized when an individual staff member has dispensed soap/alcohol
  3. Over the bed sensors will monitor if staff wash their hands before entering a patient zone and send friendly reminders when washing is needed
  4. Data is then collected by the wristband and automatically transmitted to the server

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Pike Systems is Hiring!

Inside Sales Representative

Does winning new business get your adrenaline pumping? Drive growth for Pike Systems as part of our Inside Sales Organization! You will collaborate with our Outside Sales Department to devise strategies to acquire specific segments of the market. Work independently, travel to trade shows, visit large prospective clients – it’s all part of this role. Be rewarded for being an overachiever while driving incremental growth in your market. Our tried and ture sales process gives you the roadmap for success. You are product – and industry-savvy, and your energetic drive propels you toward new acquisitions and building and managing your own book of business.



  • Prospect for new clients and react to inbound customer requests
  • Educate customers on the opportunities within their business sector
  • Develop sales pitch strategies that optimize the market potential
  • Provide the ultimate in client service by giving potential new customers the attention they need and deserve

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience
  • B2B Sales experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Technical experience with advanced computer literacy. Photoshop and Word Press experience are a plus!
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to pitch comprehensive solutions over the telephone or face to face to prospects
  • Being proactive, organized, responsible, and having the proven ability to work well with a team

When our customers are happy, so are we! As experts in facility maintenance and operations, we assist our clients with the most cost effective program available. Our focuses on health, asset preservation, and infection prevention give us purpose and drive and delivers value to our customer base that goes above and beyond what the box movers in our industry can provide. By spotting and analyzing customer needs and trends, our team works together on scalable solutions for each business, no matter its age or size.


This position allows you to earn full – time income in a part-time position. You will be required to work 3 days per week between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm.


If interested, apply here!


Understanding how diseases get transfered

Knowing how infectious diseases spread is an extremely important component of cleaning correctly.  If you know how germs spread, you know how to prevent them and thus preventing the spread of illness to others.

Infectious disease spread through direct contact, food, insects, or airborne pathogens.  Illnesses, like the flu and colds, spread from person to person when droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person move through the air and get in the mouth or nose of a person nearby.  These germs can also live on surfaces up to two hours infecting the people who touch them, and then touch their eyes, mouth, or nose. This is why it is so important to disinfect surfaces, and to wash hands.  A key component in preventing the spread of diseases is through washing hands, and unfortunately, not everyone does it.


Cleaning is more than just what meets the eye – you not only want to clean for appearance, but almost more importantly for health. Your goal should be to clean your facilities on a microbial level – and with the products currently on the market – this is growing easier and easier everyday.


Here are some Pike System’s recommended products that really prevent disease spread:

  • Purell Hand Sanitizer: America’s #1 instant hand sanitizer. Kills 99.99% of the most common germs that cause illness – works in as little as 15 seconds and leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshed.
  • Microfiber Mops and Rags – not only do microfibers clean at a microbial level, but they are washable AND color coded.  You can buy an array of colors to prevent cross contamination in your facilities.
  • KaiVac Hands Free Cleaning Systems – give your restrooms and kitchens a deep cleaning without even touching the surfaces thus eliminating the possibility of contamination.

Need help with your infection prevention? Give us a call at 630-896-6373 and we will help you set up a program!