Carolyn Quinn recognized as Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) by the American Hospital Association (AHA) Certification Center

The American Hospital Association Certification Center is proud to announce that Carolyn Quinn, Vice President of Pike Systems, has earned the designation of Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional. The CHESP is a national credential that distinguishes an individual as being among the elite in the healthcare environmental services profession.  To earn the CHESP, an individual must satisfy eligibility requirements that incorporate a blend of professional experience and education, agree to adhere to the AHA Professional Standards of Conduct, and pass the CHESP Certification Examination.  The CHESP Examination assesses knowledge required of a competent healthcare environmental services manager in the area of Regulatory Compliance; Design and Construction’ Operations Related to Environmental Sanitation’ Operations Related to Waste Management’ Operations Related to Textile Management’ Finance’ and Administration.

Congratulations Carolyn! We are so proud of you!

The Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval – What it means!

Carpet care products are improving all the time . . . but not all cleaning products are created equally!  The Carpet and Rug Institute has tested an array of carpet cleaning products and given the best their seal of approval! They also discovered that some not only don’t clean well, but also destroy carpet!


The CRI Seal of Approval program “identifies effective carpet care solutions and equipment that clean carpet right the first time and protects a facility’s carpet investment.”

So look for the blue and green CRI Seal of Approval when shopping for your carpet care products!

Microfibers – Why are they better?

SSS19060Microfibers have continuously been growing in popularity – why? Because they are so effective! Microfiber products clean with less effort than traditional methods and without the need of additional chemicals. The tiny fibers make the fabric very absorbent, so the mop holds sufficient water for cleaning, yet doesn’t drip. As a result, the pad doesn’t need to be replenished and the floor is merely damp and quickly dries after cleaning, rather than being visibly wet. The microfibers have a positive charge that attracts dust, which has a negative charge. Dust and dirt particles are not only attracted to the microfiber, but are held tightly and not redistributed around the room.

Not only are microfibers effective in picking up more dirt and debris, but they are also able to be washed multiple times! This saves money and makes them more eco-friendly!

The advantages of using microfibers are endless! Its no surprise they are in such high demand!

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