Health and Human Services Action Plan Against HAI’s

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) are a major threat to public safety today, but are often very preventable. In an effort to eliminate HAI’s, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has put together a committee to do just that.  The committee, which is made up of clinicians, scientists and public health leaders, goal is to coordinate and maximize efficiency in the prevention of the spread of HAI’s.

In 2009, the HHS committee put together an action plan that provides a roadmap for preventing HAI’s focusing on three different phases. The plan was then updated and re-released in April 2013. The HAI action plan has a 5 year goal with 8 specific measures for improvement of HAI prevention. Read the full Action Plan Here.

Three phase overview – targeting specific areas of the healthcare arena:

  1. Phase One: Acute-care Hospitals
  2. Phase Two: Ambulatory Surgical centers, End Stage Renal Disease Facilities, and increasing influenza vaccination among health care professionals. (Health care professionals are challenged to identify, respond to, and prevent HAI’s)
  3. Phase Three: Long Term Care Facilities

Pike Systems is very aware of the severity of HAI’s and strives to be at the forefront of prevention. Many of the products we carry work to prevent HAI spread from wipes with short c. difficle kills times to bracelets that managed hand hygiene monitoring, Pike Systems can help you put together an action plan for your facilities were HAI’s are a thing of the past!

Are Cloth or disposable towels better for use in hospitals?

There have been differing opinions on the subject of type of towels for use in hospitals. On the one hand, when using cloth towels you can rewash them and are thus producing significantly less waste, but are they as hygenic as disposable towels?


When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting hospitals the verdict seems to be in favor of disposable towels – for a few very good reasons! A cloth wipe can actually assist in the transmission of pathogens, slow the productivity of custodial staff, and even impact the performance of some disinfectants. Thus having hygenically clean aka disposable towels can impact the entire cleaning process!

Disposable towels can help reduce the spread of HAI’s.  If reusable towels are used, they need to be separated according to the areas of the hospital being cleaned, and washed accordingly – if not, you risk cross-contamination. (If using cloth towels, a color coding system is recommended to help with the area cleaning process).  The spread of HAI’s is a major concern for hospitals these days, implementing the use of disposable towels is a step in the direction of greatly reducing the possibility of HAI spread.

Some might argue that disposable towels posses a higher cost to the facilities, but really the cost is moot.  The cost to launder reusable clothes is pretty comparable to the cost of disposable towels.

Sanotex Kit
Pike Systems offers a wide range of disposable towel options – but for healthcare, we recommend Sanotracin. The Sanotracin line from Triple S boasts a 3 minute c.difficile kill time! This is the best kill claim in the industry! To see the full Sanotracin Product line, click here!

The Benefits of the Stand-On Scrubber

Choosing the right machine for the right space can be challenging – you want to be sure that the equipment matches the application. The big debate has now become sitting vs. ride on scrubbers.

Stand on scrubbers are quickly proving to be the most productive in the industry. Because of the smaller footprint and better maneauverability, they tend to navigate square footage better thus freeing up additional time for other jobs.  It also is easier to step on and off of for detail work with attachment hoses and saves room in the storage closet because of it’s compact nature. Because standing allows greater visibility, it is safer to drive. As you can see, there are many benefits to owning a stand on floor scrubber.


Pike Systems recommends the Advance SC1500 Commercial Stand On Scrubber. It was recently awarded the 2013 ISSA Innovation Award in the Equipment category. The SC1500 goes above and beyond all of the great benefits listed above. It is designed for superior cleaning performance. It covers more surface area faster thus maximizing your bottom line, all while using less water and chemical through the EcoFlex System (It’s eco-friendly!). It employs the exclusive Random Orbital Scrubbing Technology from Advance to scrub deeper and more uniformly. This means a greater clean with no swirl marks! Get more details on the Advance SC1500 Commercial Stand On Scrubber!

Whichever machine you do choose – you can be sure to see an improvement in productivity and a return on your investments!