A floor finish made for Health Care

Looking for the perfect floor finish for your health care facility? Pike Systems in partnership with Triple S now offers a state of the art eco-logo certified floor finish: Pristine. Pristine has a zinc free polymer technology that is designed to work with any type of maintenance program.


Pristine offers exceptional soil resistance and color retention. It provides a high gloss and unmatched gloss retention.

4 major benefits:

  • Because Pristine has no zinc, it is formulated with much less ammonia – this helps the floor finish lack the bad odor usually associated with ammonia based floor finishes
  • Exceptional recoatability -get floors ready for heavy traffic faster
  • Reduces possibility of waste water issues
  • Resistant to Quat burn – no more browning effect!

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Fighting C. Difficle just got easier!

We are proud to announce that Pike Systems now offers Perisept, a new sporicidal disinfectant with a 2 minute c. difficle spore kill time – this is the best kill time in the industry!

With Healthcare Acquired Infections posing a major threat in facilities daily, it is that much more important to take proper steps to prevent and eradicate harmful pathogens. It is estimated that there are 1.7 million infections annually – 99,000 associated deaths each year. C. difficle spores related stays have tripled in the last decade accounting for 30,000 deaths per year. These statistics alone prove why it is so important to put together a plan that works in the fight against HAI’s.


Perisept is not only affordable, it is easy to use!  With a 1:32 concentrate, it has a much lower vinegar odor than competitor products.  SSS Perisept Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaner eliminates and prevents the spread of C. difficile, as well as MRSA and 45 other pathogens, including the ESKAPE pathogens – Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Enterobacter species. Perisept contains no alcohol or bleach so it is safe to use on LCD Screens and other hard to disinfect surfaces without leaving behind a gross film!

With its shorter kill times and powerful wetting agents, SSS Perisept stays wet and works faster.

SSS Navigator #62 Perisept represents the latest step forward in the battle against HAIs.

New and Improved: Square Cat XT

Chemical-free scrubbing and stripping have now gotten even easier with the updated Square Cat XT! Orbital scrubbing technology is safe and effective for users of all levels – The new XT models are even safer and faster!


With 260 pounds of stripping energy, the Square Cat XT can strip through multiple layers of finish with no vibration felt by the operator and very little airborne dust.  The XT also improves your green footprint by using a very low amp draw.

XT’s unique handle design has multiple functions:

  1. 3 times as fast as conventional designs
  2. Strong carriage for adding accessories
  3. Separates the components that vibrate from the operator
  4. Multi-position handle provides comfort, direction, and leverage

To request a demo of the Square Cat XT, call 630.896.6373