Cleaning Robots? It’s more realistic than you think!

Have you ever thought about buying a Roomba from iRobot? You know, the neat little circle robot that will vacuum your floors with just the push of a button? A Roomba would be great for residential use, but as far as commercial use, there is a much better option. AeroBot, made by Intellibot Robotics, is a heavy-duty robotic vacuum that will perform all the functions of a Roomba, but smarter, quicker, and on a larger scale.


The AeroBot, pictured above, is a true vacuum, as it pulls deep-carpet debris out of carpet that most other vacuums miss. While the Roomba is good for small rooms, the Intellibot is perfect for your office, hotel, or retail facility. The Roomba can cover up to 600 square foot per charge, whereas the AeroBot can work up to 8 hours and cover 40,000 square foot on a single charge. With the AeroBot’s 14 gallon bag, you won’t have to change bags mid-shift, whereas Roomba’s debris container needs emptied more much frequently. Over these eight hours, the AeroBot can vacuum most of, if not your entire facility overnight.

For those places open overnight, such as hotels and hospitals, the AeroBot is the perfect solution. The AeroBot emits only 68 decibels of sound during operation, which is considerably lower than normal vacuum cleaners, and about the level of a normal conversation. With this low noise level, you won’t have to worry about disrupting guests or patients in their rooms while they are asleep.

One concern primarily with the Roomba is that it moves from spot to spot in a random behavior. With the Aerobot, it follows a specific path to ensure that it will not miss any areas. With a combination of infrared sensors and sonar technology, the AeroBot has a 360 degree view of its surroundings. Because of this, the Aerobot will not run into anyone or anything, greatly lessening any risk of liability.

                            Check out an AeroBot demonstration here

All of the Intellibot Robots are wireless-enabled and are able to send emails or text messages to the operators. If the Aerobot encounters something blocking the pathway that it needs to clean, it will send an alert. The same can alert can be sent for low batteries, or any other issue regarding the Aerobot. Once the programmed shift is completed, the AeroBot will send you a detailed report of its vacuuming.

Intellibot Robotics offers more than just the AeroBot vacuum. They also offer a HydroBot floor scrubber for hard floors, or a DuoBot floor sweeper/scrubber. For anymore information on any of these robots, contact Pike Systems today!