Get on the Wave with Safer Choice FreshWave IAQ


SSS FreshWave has now been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Safer Choice Program product line! FreshWave IAQ Gel and Surface Liquid and Spray meet the safer product standards and we couldn’t be prouder to carry the full line.

What does Safer Choice mean? Products that meet the Safer Choice Guidelines are safe to use in the work place, but also help to protect the environment. The EPA”s scientific review team evaluates every ingredient for potential human health and environmental effects and allow only the safest program labeling. Safer Choice products do not contain any known carcinogens, reproductive or developmental toxicants.

Break the HAI Status Quo with PullClean Door Handles

The biggest struggle hospitals face today is Healthcare Acquired Infections and implementing a consistent hand hygiene program amongst their staff.  Everyone knows that one of the biggest problem areas for infection transference is a door handle. Altitude Medical is revolutionizing the way we maintain clean, germ-free hands and handles through the new patent pending PullClean Door Handle.

PullClean door handles are designed to provide hand sanitizer exactly when it is needed – as hospital workers and staff enter an environment where patients are at risk.  PullClean can fit into any ‘pull door’ with just two bolts and no fuss. Just like a normal dispenser, PullClean dispenses sanitizer by pushing the blue paddle. It then issues either alcohol-based and non-alcohol sanitizer gel and is refillable within seconds via simple replacement cartridges.

What makes PullClean even better is it’s hand hygiene monitoring system: HyStat. HyStat software monitors rate of hand sanitation, how much sanitizer is remaining in handle and when the cartridge should be changed.  You can then monitor hand hygiene easily but pulling up statistics of use via a specialized flash drive that gathers results by simply holding it to the door handle until it beeps.

Implementing PullClean Door Handles is a win on so many levels! Contact Pike Systems for more information today!