July 1st Product Launch:New Genesan Micro Dilution Caps

Genesan Caps

New Product Alert! We get so excited when we get to share great new products with our customers and the new Genesan Micro Dilution Caps are definitely worth the buzz! Available starting July 1st, the caps provide a new method of product dilution that is safe, mobile, accurate and sustainable. The proportioned caps come in a variety of chemicals and eliminate the risk of chemical splash in addition to being able to be used anywhere, at anytime. You always have 100% accurate dilution!

Contrary to popular belief, caps are cheaper than RTU chemicals. First of all, by buying caps, you eliminate the bulky packaging and high freight costs associated with shipping RTU. With caps, you eliminate the coast of shipping the water. Secondly, PORTION CONTROL! Portion control ensures the exact amount of chemical is being used, this creates an accurate inventory and an accurate process. Using caps also cuts labor costs as custodians no long need to return to closets to use dilution systems as they can refill bottles at any sink in the facility.

Contact us for more information on Genesan Micro Dilution Caps!


Why Commercial Vacuums beat out Consumer Vacuums every time.

Far too often, we hear stories about contractors purchasing consumer grade vacuums because they need them fast and they are convenient and inexpensive when picked up from the local 83282d42-ece5-4304-815b-b478cd79d425_400big box store. But when contractors purchase these vacuums, they fail to weigh the benefits of commercial vacuums and ultimately waste a lot of money investing in  “disposable vacuums” that hardly compare in quality.

When you buy a commercial vacuum for a professional setting, you are buying a piece of equipment that is built to handle the wear and tear and extended daily usage. Consumer vacuums are designed to be used in homes, meaning they are used once a week for no longer than 20 to 30 minutes at a time. When used in a professional setting, they often break quickly and warrant repairs that cost more than the vacuum is worth. On the other hand, commercial vacuums are designed with the end user in mind. They are built to be used 5 days a week and for up to five hours or more per day. The motors in commercial vacuums are manufactured for more cycles and to run for extended periods of time. Commercial vacuums also have a much higher air flow than consumer vacuums. Professional cleaning necessitates a heavy duty vacuum. The features on commercial vacuums far outweigh the benefits of consumer machines.

 At Pike Systems, we want you to start making informed purchasing decisions when shopping for a vacuum. We discuss you needs in order to match you with the right vacuum for the job. You are even able to test drive the vacuum before purchasing. Should your vacuum need repairs, we have in-house certified technicians to fix the equipment quickly and headache free. We also are proud to offer a Vacuum Management Program (VMP). VMP allows you to phase out old vacuums that have exceeded their life cycles and replace them incrementally with new vacuums.

Highlights of our VMP for Backpack Vacuums: 

  • Staff training on use and routine maintenance by factory certified trainer.
  • CRI certified equipment for filtration and soil removal.
  • Guarantee trade in value at the end of the life cycle.
  • Managed budget line items spread over 3 year period.
  • Elimination of repair costs due to part failure over the 3 year life cycle.
  • Free parts replacement. 
  • Parts and filters provided within 1 day if ordered in a.m.

 Call us at 630.896.6373 for more information on our Vacuum Management Program! 

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The Future of Squeegee Blades is Here!

Prematek-NR-300x240We are proud to introduce Hydrotec Squeegee Blades from Pike Systems! The squeegee blades are engineered from natural rubber using advanced technology resulting in a new generation of squeegee.

Years of research into the problems typically associated with standard squeegees has resulted in the development of Hydrotec Squeegees. Hydrotec Squeegees surpass expectations in all levels of performance! 

Hydrotec Squeegees have: 

  • Longer life span with no reduction in elasticity and flexibility
  • Improved water pick-up regardless of floor surface
  • Less friction which means less force is needed to collect water
  • A unique formula that helps the squeegee stay dirt repellent longer
  • Been tested to increase batter life of machines due to reduced energy usage.

So, from now on, ask for the yellow squeegee! Call 630.896.6373 to order today. We can assist you in selecting the correct squeegee for your machine.

ProTips: Caring for Your Wet Mops

wet-floor-sign-mopping3Majority of mops wear out from abuse, not use.  There are a few simple maintenance procedures you can follow that will extend the life and improve efficiency in your mops: 

  • Break in new mop heads by soaking them in a warm, mild detergent for at least twenty minutes. (Pre-laundered mops are ready to use)
  • Avoid scrubbing with the top portion of the mop, this tears strands and shortens the mops life.
  • Avoid strong cleaning solutions (lye, bleach, caustics) that break down strands more quickly.
  • When mopping a rough surface, mop in the direction that minimizes snagging.
  • Cut off any loose strands to prevent snagging and splattering.
  • Rinse and wring out mops after each use.
  • Store mops with the strands hanging down in a warm, dry and well-circulated area.
  • Discard and replace worn out mop heads.