Covid-19 Related Stock with our Dependable Supply Chain

Covid-19 Related Stock with our Dependable Supply Chain

2020 is the year of shortages. With the Covid-19 pandemic shortages have been seen in quaternary disinfectants, gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, paper products, and other items related to stopping the spread of Covid-19. We understand the frustration and anxiety that comes along with worrying about whether or not you can order something when you need it most. We’ve put together a catalog to help you know what items we have stocked with our dependable supply chain to help get you through cold & flu season and stop the spread of Covid-19. We’re here to help, and together we will get through this.

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The Low Down on Covid-19 Surface Life & What You Can Do

The Low Down on Covid-19 Surface Life & What You Can Do

How Long Can Covid-19 Last on Surfaces?

According to an article by the Cleveland Clinic the virus typically lasts:

5 days on glass
4 days on wood
3 days on plastic and stainless steel
1 day on cardboard

Some Concerns
about Disinfecting

When disinfecting surfaces to kill covid-19 pathogens it’s important to be cautious. There’s a trend right now that you should only use List N disinfectants to clean and disinfect. Disinfectants can be harmful to the person applying it, building users, and the environment when used incorrectly or used too frequently. Some List N disinfectants can cause health risks such as cancer and central nervous system damage and are categorized only as disinfectants by the EPA (not cleaners). Only use them when needed and remember the 2-step process: cleaning and then disinfecting.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips to Remember

Cleaning before disinfecting cleans harmful residue left behind by disinfectants you use. It also makes sure disinfectants can do their jobs properly. Ensure you’re following proper dilutions and dwell times and pay special attention to surfaces people come in contact with that can easily spread the virus.

Final Thoughts

Some of the information regarding covid-19 is uncertain, and we continue to learn more about how it works every day. Covid-19 is mainly spread by inhaling tiny droplets released when an infected person talks, coughs, or sneezes. However, large droplets can, and inevitably will, land on surfaces. Remember to follow a cleaning and disinfecting regimen to help ensure a healthier building and stay safe.

Learn more about ways to clean and disinfect during an outbreak like Covid-19:

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The Shift Towards Online Learning and Why It Matters

The Shift Towards Online Learning and Why It Matters

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, training is important now more than ever and many companies are shifting towards online training platforms as a tool to help their employees gain knowledge and work efficiently. The key to helping your team retain their training is to involve them. Not investing time into your employees increases liability, increases employee turnover, and increases productivity costs. Online training platforms helps you invest time in your employees even when you’re busy with your other duties since users can access trainings on their own time and devices, and they can become certified faster.

How do Learning Management Systems Help Me
  • You can manage a learning experience for your whole team
  • Allows an interactive user experience that can include videos, quizzes, knowledge checks, etc.
  • Data-driven quality checks allow you to see trends in the outcomes of your staff, and allows you to focus the learning on these topics
Things to Remember
  • Building courses can be time-consuming up front, it’s better to plan make a plan about how to build your courses logically or hire someone to do it for you
  • Attention spans are short so try to incorporate micro and macro training courses that don’t overload your employees
  • Ensure all your content meets learning standards and is consistently updated
A Changing Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the game when it comes to training. As it becomes safer to re-open fully once a vaccine is administered and cases go down, in-person training will make a come back but online training is here to stay. Technology exists that allows your employees to access online training on their laptops, tablets, and cell phones no matter where they are. Learning management systems make it easier to track work that is completed, provides education and protocols needed to complete certification, and identifies if someone is certified. The cleaning industry is becoming more and more data-driven and moving at a faster speed than before, and online training platforms help you keep up.

Envirox Covid-19 Killing Disinfectant Now Offered in Gallon Size Containers

Envirox Covid-19 Killing Disinfectant Now Offered in Gallon Size Containers

What is Critical Care?

Envirox, our chemical manufacturing partner, now offers their Critical Care disinfectant in gallon size containers. Critical Care is a disinfectant, viricide, fungicide, and acts as a deodorizer. It is a List N disinfectant that kills the virus that causes covid-19 with only a 3-minute dwell time and has a low toxicity profile which leaves behind less residue. With demand for disinfectant wipes and sprays during the coronavirus spike, producers of quaternary ammonium disinfectant compounds are in a shortage. Critical Care utilizes silver ion technology which means you can avoid having to worry about the recent quat shortage. You can guarantee stock and less supply chain issues to ensure you are ready to disinfect your buildings.

What are silver ion disinfectants?

Silver ions bind to the bacterial cell wall blocking transport of substances in and out of the cell. They are then transported into the bacterial cell where they block the respiratory system destroying energy production of pathogens and stopping replication of a virus. Using a silver ion disinfectant like Critical Care is better for the environment and poses less health risks to custodians and building occupants, and Critical Care kills the COVID-19 virus (SARS CoV-2) with only a three minute dwell time.

How can utilizing a gallon system help my facility?

There is a shortage of bottles and spray heads for disinfectants you may be used to ordering at ease in the past. Cleaning and disinfecting has never been more important. Ensuring you are stocked by ordering by gallons allows you to be prepared, you can refill the ready-to-use Critical Care bottle or labeled pump up sprayer as needed. Critical Care is currently stocked and has a secured long-term supply, so you can be less stressed and be certain you’ll have enough disinfectant. Utilizing a gallon system that reduces waste to help the environment also means you’re being more sustainable and you can save up to 10% off the MSRP of Critical Care RTU.

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Cleaning Restrooms – It’s More Than Just Toilets

Cleaning Restrooms – It’s More Than Just Toilets

Surprisingly, a toilet is not a restroom’s most unsanitary place. There’s many different surfaces that harbor bacteria in a restroom that are often overlooked but can’t be missed to prevent germ transmission. Amid the covid-19 pandemic ensuring proper cleaning and disinfecting measures are more important than ever. Public restrooms are confined high-traffic areas that can (and already have/will continue to) contribute to the transmission of coronavirus.

There are many high-touch points that are often overlooked when a custodian or training program is focused on floors and toilets.

  • Door handles are usually unavoidable when entering or exiting a restroom. Cleaning and disinfecting handles as well as touch soap and water dispensers (that harbor more bacteria than their touch-free alternatives) are important steps not to forget. Jet air dryers spread 1,300 times more bacteria than paper towels according to the Journal of Applied Microbiology. If you have a jet air dryer consider speaking with your sales professional about the benefits of using a touch-free paper towel dispensing system.
  • Other common touch points that can be overlooked include light switches and grab rails. Rails should be cleaned with microfiber cloths frequently following proper label instructions for the chemicals used. It’s important not to use steel wool or anything that could cause grab rails to rust.
  • Restroom stall walls and stall handles/locks are near toilets and can become covered in bacteria from toilet plume. Take extra care to ensure they are cleaned and disinfected when cleaning the rest of your restroom since most people touch stall door handles or stall walls when exiting a stall.
  • Remember to use disinfectants and other products on the U.S. EPA’s List-N that are effective against SARS-COV-2 and always follow proper dilution and application dwell times

As we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to follow a strict cleaning protocol and keep in mind overlooked high-touch points which spread germs. We’re all in this together and implementing a training program that highlights proper restroom cleaning and disinfecting is imperative to the health and well-being of your team and patrons in your building.

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