How Equipment Impacts Your Health & Efficiency

When choosing a piece of equipment, it’s always important to keep in mind the functions and features it offers to help you clean faster and easier. Upright vacuums have been around for decades and their technology is familiar to most custodial professionals. Upright vacuums are a popular choice when it comes to floor maintenance, but they can sometimes be counter-productive when not maintained properly. They are easier to use for some compared to canister vacuums since you’re constantly bending down to use them, but they prove their own disadvantages. The brush agitation of upright vacuums and other vacuums that operate similarly can stir up dirt and allergens, which can then be released back into the indoor air environment of your facility. Choosing vacuum models with HEPA filtration reduces or eliminates the amount of dust and other particulates released back into the air, making sure you’re not duplicating your efforts. When your vacuum isn’t effective you’ll have to clean your floors again sooner, which takes time out of your already busy schedule.

Custodians who have a lot of square footage to vacuum can easily become fatigued when carrying around a heavy and bulky piece of equipment, since doing a constant back and forth motion with traditional vacuums isn’t ergonomically efficient. This is especially true when vacuuming is done after other labor-intensive tasks. Many custodians also have back and neck pain from labor intensive tasks. Finding ways to reduce this will help to keep you healthy and safe, and it will improve your efficiency in cleaning tasks. Upright vacuums typically weigh twice as much as other options, like backpack vacuums, and can prove challenging when trying to clean hard to reach areas like corners or stairs. Another common issue for custodians is constantly plugging in an electrical cord, which can add a lot of time to your cleaning tasks. Having a cord limits your mobility and can make certain cleaning tasks, like vacuuming stairs, especially challenging.

Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuums are newer to the market compared to other traditional vacuums, but they are a viable alternative when taking comfort and efficiency into consideration. Making a change and trying newer technology in your daily routine can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be when you can keep the long-term benefits in mind. Backpack vacuums operate by lifting dirt directly into the container, rather than stirring up dirt and allergens which can occur from brush agitation from older vacuums that are harder to maintain. Ensuring your floors are cleaner means you’re less likely to have to vacuum again sooner, and you can focus your efforts on other cleaning tasks. They eliminate the need for a cord, which makes it easier for you to navigate your facility and save time. They utilize batteries for power, so it’s important to be trained on how to charge them.

Pike Systems recommends using ProTeam for your facility needs. Not only can you clean more efficiently, but your fatigue and back strain after vacuuming will be significantly reduced. A lot of innovative cleaning technology is built with ease of use in mind, and backpack vacuums are no exception. Custodians using backpack vacuums maintain a more neutral posture compared to traditional vacuums that require more bending and force exertion. Your arm and leg extensions are less frequent, less extreme, and you can cover over 2x the area compared to other vacuums using the same amount of energy exertion. With an increased demand for cleaning and disinfecting, finding ways to clean your facility safely and more efficiently pays dividends.

Relying on a ProTeam vacuum that utilizes an advanced filtration system helps to produce positive health impacts, including improved lung health and reduced spread of germs. By switching to a ProTeam, you can spend less time and energy cleaning your floors. This allows you to improve and simplify your cleaning process and gives you more time to keep up with the heightened cleaning demands of COVID-19. In the long run, you’ll notice more ergonomic benefits from from reducing heavy lifting and constant bending.