As a superintendent, it’s your role to oversee daily operations and execute long term planning for your district. Due to the burdens of COVID-19, many superintendents are looking to do more cleaning and disinfecting even with budget cuts. One of the focal points students and the public base their opinion of your facility on is the cleanliness of your restrooms. Restrooms account for a high level of complaints, which makes sense when you think about the number of people who use the restrooms during the 7–8-hour school day, and those using the restroom for special events like sport games. During the pandemic, restroom cleanliness has become more prominently associated with how safe your facility is too and whether it’s in compliance with state and federal standards.

To promote a positive image to the public and other personnel about your facility’s compliance, focus on the number one source of complaints: your restrooms. It’s important to put a focus on how clean your restrooms are as we continue to return to school. With increased frequency for other cleaning tasks required, how do you maintain these new public standards and keep your facility image on track?

This is where specialized equipment can be a good solution for you. Due to stagnant or decreasing budgets, the thought of purchasing a new piece of equipment sounds impossible. However, when you can take into consideration the amount of labor hours spent cleaning your restrooms and locker rooms to keep up with these increased demands it becomes startling. No-touch restroom cleaning equipment makes it easier to start clean and stay clean throughout the year, which in the long run will give you a return on investment. Kaivac has developed a no-touch cleaning system that helps your staff reach a higher standard of clean faster and easier. This puts less strain on custodians, which reduces your chance of having a worker out sick or having a work-related injury. By ensuring work gets done faster with less training, you’re also able to justify not needing to allocate more work to new workers, since your current custodial team will have more time in their day to focus on other cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Hillyard also developed their C3 machines to serve as a multifunction cleaning solution. These machines work by incorporating multiple functions into one machine, allowing you to remove bacteria more efficiently in hard-to-reach places by using a built-in power washer, scrubber, and squeegee or vacuum to completely remove soils and solutions. Using this equipment eliminates the need to do everything by hand, and you can apply a pre-diluted solution to your entire bathroom and vacuum away soils and solution faster. These machines require less water and chemical usage than traditional cleaning methods, which helps to meet your sustainability goals and reduce the cost of your overall spend. When deciding on which restroom equipment is the best investment for your facility, it’s always important to keep in mind the size of the restrooms you’re cleaning and the frequency you’re performing cleaning, and your Pike representative can help accomplish your specific needs.

Your community is relying on your staff to keep students and staff members safe. By using equipment specialized to save on your long-term cost by increasing efficiency and cleaning effectiveness – you can have the money and resources to do just that.