Preserving the appearance and the cleanliness of a floor begins with selecting the right floor pad. This ensures that the job is done right, while also saving time and money. Use of a incorrect pad can cause permanent floor damage and costly repairs, which is why it is so important to be educated on proper pads for certain jobs.  

The various applications of pads is distinguished by the color of the pads. The rule of thumb with pad colors is that the darker the pad is, the more aggressive it is. There is usually not much variation between manufacturers with common floor pad colors. Here is a quick summary of colored pads and the jobs they are used for:

White- Polishing Clean, Dry Floors

There is typically not variation between manufacturers in the most common colors. Floor pads are available in both synthetic and natural materials (Green options available!). Note that the pad not only needs to match the task at hand, but also the machine being used and they type of floor finish being treated. Using the right combination of equipment, chemicals, and floor pads keeps your floors looking their best, in the most cost-effective manner.

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