Restrooms have always been a main source of complaints since they’re a reflection of your facility’s cleanliness. With an increased standard for restroom cleanliness and disinfection, coupled with an increased frequency of restroom cleaning, many custodians are left wondering how to make up for lost time. Custodians still must accomplish their other cleaning tasks, but now they’re expected to increase their frequency of restroom cleaning. Restroom cleaning is already one of the most labor-intensive processes custodians must do, partly due to the number of times their required to do it and the amount of exertion needed to scrub floors or grout lines and clean fixtures. The concern for custodians is how they can still provide effective cleaning results while increasing efficiency of their efforts. There are ways to increase efficiency without increasing your risk for back strain and fatigue. Rather than only relying on yourself to do cleaning tasks, using equipment allows for the mechanization of cleaning processes and makes your life easier. Equipment has a role in helping to simplify your cleaning process and provides measurable results faster.

Studies confirm that many pollutants originating in the restroom make their way throughout a building, endangering the health of occupants and visitors. This can be concerning since traditional cleaning methods make it more challenging to clean soils trapped in corners and hard to reach areas. There’s probably a chance you’ve been frustrated trying to reach soils trapped in corners that mops can’t reach, and at times there’s no way to ensure you’re truly cleaning and disinfecting to your own standards when you’re relying on traditional cleaning methods. If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 or other illness causing pathogen, many people are quick to look at the work a custodian is doing and how that’s directly impacting the cleaning results.

Mopping makes it hard to emulsify soils since mops are typically over-saturated and spend more time spreading dirt around than picking it up. Using a mop and bucket allows for some waters and soils to stay on the surface, which can build up on floors and grout lines. Our Kaivac spray-and-vac machine is built to clean heavily soiled areas to remove bacteria and dirt entirely. The Kaivac 1250, 1750, and 2750 are all no-touch cleaning machines sized differently depending on the facility and rooms you’re cleaning. It eliminates the need to touch a mop or contaminated surface, which helps reduce the time spent in restrooms and reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination once students or other patrons use the bathroom. This machine allows you to apply your automatically diluted cleaning solution to any restroom hard surface that needs cleaned. Then you can rinse the surface with a built-in indoor pressure washer that reduces the amount of time needed to scrub away dirt and allows you to remove grime in hard-to-reach places traditional cleaning methods can’t clean. Finally, you can use the vacuum on the machine to remove any excess water and soils rather than leaving them on the surface.

The Hillyard C3 also pioneered a new opportunity for touch-free cleaning in your restroom. The C3 reduces operating pressure and water consumption to provide a lower impact cleaning system. This system is also easy to use and add to your cleaning routine, which again allows for reduced cleaning time. Removing soiled solutions is simple with an on-board squeegee, flat mop, or optional vacuum system, which also helps to reduce the chance for a slip or fall.

Two of the main concerns when it comes to a cleaning program are how consistent your results are and the speed at which you can accomplish cleaning and disinfecting. Specialized cleaning equipment allows for higher quality cleaning results regardless of your level of training or experience with equipment. Many manufacturers offer helpful training material and media to help cover every solution your equipment can provide, and your sales representative is another great resource to ask specific questions about equipment to. Relying only on manual cleaning methods rarely provides the thorough cleaning your facility needs, which creates an opportunity for odor causing bacteria and cross-contamination. Couple that with the increased time and intensity of labor to scrub restroom fixtures by manual cleaning methods, it makes sense that 4 in 5 custodians say cleaning the restroom is the most difficult part of their job. According to ISSA standards, when properly performed, traditional restroom cleaning takes about three minutes per fixture, and touch-free restroom cleaning takes about one minute per fixture. That’s a 66% increase in productivity when using touch-free cleaning methods, which can quickly add up. Pike Systems is equipped to provide you with top-of-the-line restroom cleaning equipment to help you reduce the amount of time needed to make your bathroom shine and stay clean longer.