Genesan Caps

New Product Alert! We get so excited when we get to share great new products with our customers and the new Genesan Micro Dilution Caps are definitely worth the buzz! Available starting July 1st, the caps provide a new method of product dilution that is safe, mobile, accurate and sustainable. The proportioned caps come in a variety of chemicals and eliminate the risk of chemical splash in addition to being able to be used anywhere, at anytime. You always have 100% accurate dilution!

Contrary to popular belief, caps are cheaper than RTU chemicals. First of all, by buying caps, you eliminate the bulky packaging and high freight costs associated with shipping RTU. With caps, you eliminate the coast of shipping the water. Secondly, PORTION CONTROL! Portion control ensures the exact amount of chemical is being used, this creates an accurate inventory and an accurate process. Using caps also cuts labor costs as custodians no long need to return to closets to use dilution systems as they can refill bottles at any sink in the facility.

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