Your Floors & Their Impact on Building Perception

As a building & grounds specialist it’s your responsibility to maintain and protect your buildings and the patrons who enter it. One of the big concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic is reducing the level of contaminants in the air and on surfaces to promote safer buildings. This means increased cleaning and disinfecting measures from custodial and housekeeping staff, and heightened maintenance measures, like checking air filtration systems more frequently. With increased urgency for cleaning and disinfecting, there is a higher chance for worker fatigue which can lead to less-than-optimal cleaning results and damage to your buildings when tasks aren’t done carefully.

One of the biggest focal points of your buildings is the floors people walk on every day. High-traffic areas are especially concerning during certain weather conditions like rain or snow which can cause floors to be a sore sight. There are many things you can do to maintain floors and improve their appearance, and one of the most frequently performed tasks is daily maintenance vacuuming. This helps to reduce the level of dirt and contaminants on your floors, which in turn promotes better indoor air quality which is a huge issue related to COVID-19.

Benefits of Backpack Vacuums

The heavier your equipment is and the more it relies on you to maneuver it, the more challenging it can be to control it. Traditional vacuums, like an upright vacuum or canister vacuum, can be difficult to maneuver. When vacuuming hard-to-reach areas (like corners, stairs, underneath furniture, etc.) it becomes easy to unintentionally damage your building. Upright vacuums require more force exertion to perform back-and-forth motions, so more force can lead to accidentally damaging walls or other objects. A popular solution for increasing cleaning efficiency and preserving your building’s integrity is using a backpack vacuum. You can reduce the need to find space for your vacuum on the floor, and custodians can focus their energy into using the attachment hose rather than bending down or pushing and pulling the entire vacuum on the floor.

Anytime you’re moving around furniture or using a heavy piece of equipment around furniture you’re risking the chance you may damage it. Backpack vacuums reduce the amount of time needed to move desks, furniture, and other obstacles since they’re designed to maneuver around these objects in your facility more efficiently. Our ProTeam vacuum cleans up to 3x more efficiently than traditional upright vacuums, which allows your custodians to spend more time cleaning other areas of the building that need attention. Since backpack vacuums offer a cordless alternative, you can also reduce the likelihood electrical cords will get damaged if they’re stored improperly. Cordless vacuums operate on batteries, which can be charged and maintained easily with proper training.

From a maintenance standpoint, backpack vacuums have fewer moving parts which means reduced downtime. Upright vacuums which have up to 50 moving parts that can easily get worn out and break down, while our ProTeam backpack vacuum has only 2 moving parts: the switch and the motor. Backpack vacuums still require long-term maintenance, but the good news is you’ll be paying almost 2/3 less to maintain them. Having a reliable, efficient, and lighter vacuum helps ensure your floors stay cleaned and your building stays more protected.