Prematek-NR-300x240We are proud to introduce Hydrotec Squeegee Blades from Pike Systems! The squeegee blades are engineered from natural rubber using advanced technology resulting in a new generation of squeegee.

Years of research into the problems typically associated with standard squeegees has resulted in the development of Hydrotec Squeegees. Hydrotec Squeegees surpass expectations in all levels of performance! 

Hydrotec Squeegees have: 

  • Longer life span with no reduction in elasticity and flexibility
  • Improved water pick-up regardless of floor surface
  • Less friction which means less force is needed to collect water
  • A unique formula that helps the squeegee stay dirt repellent longer
  • Been tested to increase batter life of machines due to reduced energy usage.

So, from now on, ask for the yellow squeegee! Call 630.896.6373 to order today. We can assist you in selecting the correct squeegee for your machine.