An unclean restroom damages the image of your entire building and gives the impression there is an error in your ability to maintain a functional and safe building. With an increased focus on restroom cleaning and disinfection, there is beginning to be an increased amount of downtime for restroom usage. As we all know, when it’s time to go, it’s time to GO. As a building and grounds expert you’re familiar with complaints about restrooms being out of order for cleaning – and you’re usually the first to hear about it. It becomes challenging to keep up with higher expectations for restroom cleanliness while also making sure it’s accessible and presentable 24/7.

Using restroom cleaning equipment helps take the strain off your workload by allowing your equipment to do the hard work for you. By using specialized equipment, you can reduce the amount of cleaning supplies needed to get the job done right. Scrubbing and disinfecting urinals, cleaning bathroom fixtures and walls, and cleaning floors are all doable up to 3x faster, cleaning bacteria up to 60x more effectively than traditional cleaning methods. No-touch cleaning machines have a 500 PSI indoor pressure washer built in that can be used to power rinse surfaces like urinals and stall walls with better results. Doing this by hand is ineffective in comparison, and quickly leads to less-than-optimal results. By mechanizing the process of restroom cleaning, you’re cleaning and staying clean faster which reduces down time of your restrooms and increases the health of your buildings.

These machines operate by incorporating multiple uses into one machine, which allows you to apply diluted solution powerfully to get rid of dirt in some of your trouble areas. Some of the most common complaints for restrooms is that there’s a foul odor, grout lines are caked with dirt, there’s dirty walls and floors, and that grout on the floors don’t match grout on the walls. Relying on a machine that can clean some of these problem areas more effectively helps to reduce the chance of dirt and odor after cleaning is completed. Instead of waiting for your floors to dry, Kaivac has a vacuum feature that vacuums away soils and solution with a powerful built in wet vacuum. This vacuum extraction removes soils and solutions and leaves floors clean, dry, and ready for immediate use. By reducing the chance of a fall after floor cleaning is done, you’re also helping to reduce the likelihood of damage or injury.

Other restroom equipment, like the Hillyard C3, works effectively at reducing the amount of time needed to clean a restroom manually too. This machine also makes it easier to apply highly concentrated cleaning formulas that won’t damage fixtures, and has a wand and front mounted squeegee to remove soiled solutions. This makes destroying odors from toilets, urinals, and corners easier and allows you to spend more time keeping up with the rest of your building needs.